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“I used for 19 years straight. I was hopeless and didn’t know there was another way to live.” – Jessie

Today, Jessie, Robbie, and others like them are StrongWell Peer Advocates. That means they walk alongside our StrongWell moms as they create stronger, healthier lives on their own terms.

“I had been pregnant for a few months, before I learned that even MAT could put my baby at risk.”

“I had been in recovery for more than seven years and was very disciplined in my care plan with my MAT (suboxone/subtex) provider. I had been pregnant for a few months, before I learned that even while continuing my MAT there were still risks for my baby and additional steps I could take to reduce those risks. Any risk was too much risk for my baby. That’s when I learned about StrongWell, which could relate to me, had the knowledge and support to help me accomplish my goals while supporting my plans with my MAT provider. Because of StrongWell, I was able to walk through my pregnancy with reduced stress, peace of mind, and full of anticipation to meet my healthy baby.” – Robbie, Engagement Specialist


Together, we can.

“One of my favorite things is when I meet a mom for the first time, and I’m able to sit down with her and say, ‘I’m the same as you. I just wear a different body.'” – Jessie, StrongWell Peer Advocate

"There's this moment you sometimes get to see, when moms finally witness the worthiness they carry."
- Michelle, StrongWell Partner Advocate

Your strength inspires us.

“Our moms inspire me every day.” – Elizabeth

As a StrongWell Partner Advocate, Elizabeth sees moms find strength, often against all odds.

You are worthy.

“No matter a mom’s walk of life or starting point, pregnancy and life in general can take its toll. It is a special moment when I get to see that sparkle in their eyes as they realize and own that through their strength, they can.” – Michelle, StrongWell Partner Advocate

"I was hopeless and didn't know there was another way to live." - Jessie, StrongWell Peer Advocate